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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Quick intro post...

About 5 years ago I had reached the rock bottom of my physical fitness and general health.  I was 250 lbs, 42" waist and got winded going up a flight of stairs to pee during a quick break from World of Warcraft.  It was a sad sight for sure, and my friend and I decided it was time to change.  We went into super workout mode, burning fat and building muscle.  We got into body building routines, hitting 5 day splits, with lots and lots of cardio.  We ate low fat, high carb diets preached by conventional wisdom.  Once i had lost the fat  (down  to 195lbs) I started crushing as much food as i could, eating every 3 hours.  I was doing even more weights and cardio, and bulked up to a muscular 220 lbs.  Put on a -little- bit of body fat with that bulk, but I probably needed it.  The one thing I could never get rid of was the remnants of my man-boobs and a little bit of love handle on my back. 

After 4 years of maintaining such a grueling routine, my body started to wear down.  I was tired all the time, I was always suffering pains and minor injuries, lived on caffeine, and eventually hit the burnout and gave up on eating healthy and doing so much exercise.  I kept with the weight lifting, but reduced the volume quite a bit.  Did just enough to maintain my size while getting stronger. Meanwhile, my diet went to shambles and I was crushing fast food, frozen dinners, pizza, pepsi, etc...

I had crawled my way up to 234 lbs and my waist had grown up to a button popping 39 inches.   My gut was hanging over, face was getting fat, clothes didn't fit anymore, and I just felt like SHIT!  It was time for a change.   My mom mentioned to me something new she was starting called Primal Blueprint.  When she first told me about it, I thought it sounded ridiculous... the diet, the exercise, etc... just sounded lazy and off-the-wall.  I decided to read into the stuff on just to get a little more info, mostly just so i could point out to my mom what was wrong with the plan.  

What I ended up discovering was quite the contrary.. it was a catalyst that would start to change my life, and the information I was taking in just -made sense-.  It tied in with many things I was confused about or just accepted as truth because its what conventional wisdom has always said.  I was addicted to the information.  I started reading every blog post, freebie PDF, user comments, and success stories that I could get my eyes on.  It presented factual information I had heard before but was very skeptical about.  It gave me further information to validate those things, such as the cholesterol myth, grass fed beed/dairy, big pharma and government pushing the BS on us all.. The facts at the site opened my eyes to what I think deep down I kinda knew, but couldn't accept because it went in the face of everything we are all told from birth.  I knew then I was destined to go Primal.

 I started my Primal Blueprint lifestyle 22 days ago.  In those 22 days i've cut a solid inch off my waist and dropped 12 pounds in almost effortless fashion.   Working out on the Primal Blueprint Fitness plan is so easy compared to conventional wisdom's plans.  You don't have to slave at the gym, and kill  yourself day in and day out.  PB lets you actually enjoy your life and get better results!  It seriously feels like I'm cheating its so easy LOL.  Not only has it made me more fit and better looking, it has opened me up to a plethora of new menus to eat!   Without all the staple processed grain, vegetable oils, and sugar products, you have to get creative and explore new options.  I'm soooo thankful I did because since i've been trying all kinds of new foods that even my picky girlfriend enjoys. :D

I plan on posting my progress, exercise plans, fun things I do on my "play" days (yes PB fitness has 4 play days built in!), as well as pictures of all the new foods we're cooking and enjoying :D


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  1. Very inspiring! You mother is a wise lady and I hope you thank her for steering you in the right direction. ;) keep up the enthusiasm - it is very inspiring!!