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Monday, February 6, 2012

Primal Footwear: Vibram Five Fingers Pt 2

Well,  I pulled the trigger on the VFF shoes.  I went with the KomodoSport model.  This model not only has the top strap, but also a Velcro strap around the back of the heel, so it really helps with people like me who have narrow heels, to get a more secure fit in the shoe.   For me it was between the komodosport and the Bikila.  After trying both on, the back heel strap won out and I walked out of Backwoods Adventures with my new pair of Vibrams :D

Here's some shots with the Ininji toe socks on

Tonight was my first workout with them on, and I must say it was pretty sweet.  I never felt so securely planted to the gym floor while doing my heavy lifting.  I did squats, Incline bench press, pullups, and a few other light exercises just to get a feel for the shoes.

I'll definitely be heeding the warning about easing into them.  After my hour of wearing them at the gym (about 40 minutes of actual workout) my knees were starting to get sore in a spot they never have before, just below the joint where the tendon connects down.  These shoes put you back into your natural posture that the typical padded cushy soles have changed.. so it takes some adjustment by the body.  At the time of typing this the soreness has gone away, so it was nothing serious.  I'll be ready to do some light "move slowly" activity tomorrow.  Probably taking the dog for a walk to my favorite fields where there's some old soccer goals i can climb around on :D

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  1. i just realized how small that last shot makes my feet look! LOL